My interests are:

  • Computer Vision
  • Robotics

Technologies that I use(for Academic Purposes):

  • C++
  • OpenCV
  • Caffe
  • ROS
  • Python

I’m working mainly on Semantic Scene Parsing via Attentive Vision which provides robots(or systems, let’s say) to search specific salient areas in a scene attentively like human. We are working to develop efficient algorithms which are suitable for mobile robots.


In above image, you can see the Family of Artificial Potential Functions in progress while our robot looking at an apple orchard scene. This image is from our earlier work and it shows how attention of robot travels on a static image.


The robot above is called APES which has a turtlebot base; however, it also contains a pan-tilt camera(head). Currently, I’m focused on APES to make it understand the indoor environments as we(humans) always do.

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